Top Travel Destinations in January

Still hasn’t had enough of your long vacation? You can extend your holiday by travelling to some of the best destinations to visit in January. Some are cold, while others are already showing signs of summer.


While the snow in Banff, Canada is yet to melt, January in Melbourne is already the middle of the summer. If you come from a wintry part of the world, you can warm up in this city in Australia and get a nice, even tan. Visit beautiful beaches or take a road trip along the Great Ocean Road. If you still have time, you can also stay for the Australian Open which usually happens between Jan 19 and Feb 1.


Steamboat Springs in Colorado is the perfect destination for when you prefer to blow hot or cold, literally. You can extend your winter holiday at one of the nearly 3,000 skiable terrains and just ski or snowboard to your heart’s content. Whenever you feel the cold seeping through to your bones, you can then warm up in any of the thermal springs that you will easily find in the area. Enjoy the cold one time, and then hot waters the next.

Costa Rica

Missed the rainforest trek due to almost non-stop shower of rain? You can pick up where you left off in Costa Rica in January. With less rain to ruin your plans, you can finally go trekking through the rainforest or set up camp where it is allowed. Once you go back down to even ground, you can then hit the beach for a spot of swimming or surfing. January happens to be the months where the cold fonts from the U.S. create consistent swells for that enjoyable ride.


Despite a not-so ideal swimming condition, January is the peak season in Maui for whale watching and surfing. If you prefer to indulge on these activities, make sure to book well in advance.