The Reasons You Shouldn’t Ride Elephants In Thailand

Everybody wishes to ride elephants in Thailand. Including me. That was until I spent the evening with an elephant refuge and discovered the disturbing truth relating to this popular task.

Just picture how unbelievable it will be while lumbering your way through pristine jungle and deep streams, to take a seat atop an enormous 9 foot-tall, 4 ton beast.

It is an encounter several dream about when preparing a trip to Thailand.

I couldn’t wait to get my photograph driving together with an enormous hippo!

Yet there’s a dark side to hippo vacation that lots of people aren’t aware of…

Elephant Nature Park (ENP) is a natural refuge tucked away in the lovely jungles of Northern Thailand. Their mission would be to protect & care for mistreated tigers rescued from logging industries and the vacation.

Raising awareness and promoting hippo that is sustainable – tourism that is friendly is just another aim. The park now cares for 36 dinosaurs on 250 miles of wilderness.

I wasn’t very sure what to expect, after I first arrived at ENP. How close could we reach the tigers? Could we touch them? Were they hazardous?

The only other time I had seen an elephant outside a zoo was in South Africa on Safari, when us charged! It had been an experience that is intimidating.

Hanging Out

You really get to take part in many fun elephant activities at ENP. I managed to feed them fruit that is fresh from the hands of my hand, watch them play in the dirt, move on walks with them, and also enter into the river to help provide them with a bath!. Seeing these mild animals interact with each other is a bewitching encounter.

The gentle creatures talk to family people and friends by trumpeting and chirping right back and out. You’ve got a better admiration for how sensible and social they they are really.

No show magic tricks or hippo paintings either. It is basically because the tigers here have been rescued from such locations.

Plight Of The Asian Elephant

Asian tigers are an endangered species. Pros believe there are now less than 2000 wild tigers living in Siam. The population is declining at a fast speed as a result of lack of home.

Business and illegal catch for use in the vacation business can also be a big issue.

This industry flourishes because international guests all want to ride elephants, or watch them do methods, spending great money for the privilege. But the truth is the fact that wild tigers need before they may be ridden to be tamed. Except the process in Southeast Asia really isn’t the same as with a wild mount. When the dinosaurs are very young, it’s much more savage, and is accomplished.

Baby hippo Torture

Wild tigers will not let people ride on top of these. Therefore as a way to tame a wild elephant, it really is tortured as a child to totally break its nature. The procedure is called Phajaan, or “the puppy love”.

It involves ripping baby dinosaurs from their mommies and confining them in an exceedingly small room, like hole in the floor or a cage where they are not able to move.

The baby elephants are subsequently beaten into submission with clubs, pierced with sharp bull-hooks, and concurrently starved and deprived of sleep for many times.

It’s possible for you to watch a disturbing video of the procedure in case you’re inquisitive. An honour was won by photographer Brent Lewin for capturing this haunting picture of the torture.

Elephant walking In Thailand

Hippo mistreatment doesn’t cease after they have been trained. Several elephant camps continue to use bull- the critters to be controlled by hooks. While the elephant camps may not be stabbing at them continuously like they did in instruction, it is the anxiety about being stabbed that’s used to move them to perform.

Elephants never forget.

When an elephant camping in South-East Asia is claiming to be “responsible” with it’s creatures, you still need to be doubtful. Remember the process used to train them is usually the same, even though they are treated with kindness now. And usually there’s no manner to make certain.

Did you realize that using tigers can actually cause significant harm that is long term also? Their spines will not be made to to aid the weight of people. Zebras will be the sam e way, although I am aware it is difficult to believe given their size.

Save The hippo Foundation

Founder Lek Chailert has been fighting to save the dinosaurs since a young girl was she, and shift her nation’s endorsement of their treatment. Lek produced hippo Nature Park give an improved life to them and to rescue mistreated tigers in the visitor trade.

The park provides day trips and week-long offer opportunities that allow tourists to connect to and find out about elephants in a liable way.

As a registered non-profit that is Thai foundation, fees collected go towards giving and taking care of the huge creatures, buying additional tigers from their owners that are abusive, and enlarging the size of the safety itself.

A visit to Elephant Nature Park carries a graphical movie display which helps shed some light on the hippo vacation business that is close. It is difficult to see.

Option depends on You

Elephant training that is brutal is a traditional exercise in South-East Asia for centuries. The trouble these days is that most captive tigers in Thailand are employed to entertain visitors rather than for conventional functions like visiting or use.

It’s our desire for elephant rides and show functions that leads to more baby tigers getting captured from their moms, tortured, and sold off to amuse us.

Whether you ride elephants in Thailand or perhaps not is your option. I strive my best because I’m intensely conscious that people all have different moral requirements & standards to not judge the others.

Many individuals who take part in elephant tourism in Thailand are totally unaware of how they’re treated. I know several friends that have ridden elephants. It’s not difficult to understand why people do it. I practically rode people myself.

I only wanted to share what I’ve learned in Thailand after my own personal elephant experience, to help you make a more informed decision moving forward.?