The Facts About Sweden That You Should Know

Interesting Facts About Sweden for You

Sweden is found in the Scandinavian region of Europe. Its Capital city is called Stockholm. With a population that is estimated at 10 million, this is said to be about 0.1% of the global population. For the men, the life expectancy in this nation is estimated at 80 years. Women live for approximately 85 years. Although Swedish is the main language spoken in Sweden, there are also interesting languages such as Finnish and Yiddish.

Many find this nation a wonderful and interesting place to live in. For instance, the people are known to treat others with much kindness, public services are provided to the satisfaction of the citizens, and the work ethics are flexible, enabling the citizens to balance work and social life comfortably.

Many individuals want to move to Sweden. However, they have no idea what to expect. As such, they do not recognize how to prepare for an interesting stay in Sweden. What should you expect in Sweden? Here are the interesting facts you should know:

Winters in Sweden Are Colder

When people narrate about the cold they experience during winter as they stay in Sweden, you may think that they are lying or distorting facts. However, you should understand that the northern regions of Sweden are located close to the arctic circle. Those who move to this nation during this season can attest to the fact that the region is usually too cold at this time.

When you experience this for the first few days, you may feel that this is beautiful weather. However, it gets to a point where the temperatures can go below -11 degrees. At such point, you find most surfaces covered with snow.

How should this interesting Sweden fact help you? It is important to prepare adequately if you plan to go to Sweden during the winter. That means you should carry heavy clothing items to protect you from this cold.

Sweden Has Beautiful and Green Spaces

If you are looking for a country with vast green spaces, Sweden is one of them. The country is large but only accommodates a few people. That means that there is no population pressure in Sweden. To know these Swedes better, learn how to translate Swedish to English.

With a sparse population, the country has vast coverage of forests, many lakes, and along a beautiful coastline. This makes nature in Sweden a beautiful one to look at. These are interesting qualities that you find in every part of Sweden, including its Capital, Stockholm.

The Swedes are conscious of their environment. That is why most of them prefer to use public transport in a bid to reduce pollution brought about by fuels used in vehicles. Moreover, the government encourages the Swedes to embrace the culture of recycling. If you are planning to visit Sweden, you should be prepared to comply with these environmental requirements.

Sweden Has Produced Prominent Musicians

Interestingly, people do not know the prowess possessed by Sweden when it comes to music. For instance, ABBA, one of the most renowned global brands, originated from Sweden. There are still more musicians who are born and raised in Sweden. They include:

  • Alesso
  • Zara Larson
  • The late Avicii

These are bands and musicians that have given Sweden prominence when it comes to music over the years. Moreover, there are famous music producers who come from Sweden. This is an interesting fact that you may not have known of.

The Swedes Are Very Generous

When it comes to generosity, few countries can outdo Sweden. The interesting thing is that Sweden is not the largest country in the world. However, citizens often help out in situations where other countries need help.

Out of their total GPA, a staggering 1% goes towards donations. This is an interesting fact that the citizens should be proud of. When you go to Sweden, you are sure that you are dealing with hospitable individuals.

Corporal Punishment Is Illegal in Sweden

When you are in this country, you should know that there is no form of physical punishment that is permitted. That includes spanking your child because they have done something inappropriate. This is a trend that has been emulated by other countries around the globe.

With these interesting facts, you should now understand Sweden better. As you visit, consider them for a smoother stay.